AgEagle Aerial Systems (NASDAQ:UAVS) Shares Up 6.5%

AgEagle Aerial Systems (NASDAQ:UAVS)’s stock price shot up 6.5% during trading on Thursday . The company traded as high as $0.38 and last traded at $0.33, 670,044 shares were traded during trading. An increase of 74% from the average session volume of 384,450 shares. The stock had previously closed at $0.31.

The company has a fifty day simple moving average of $0.30.

AgEagle Aerial Systems (NASDAQ:UAVS) last issued its quarterly earnings data on Wednesday, May 15th. The company reported ($0.04) EPS for the quarter. The company had revenue of $0.05 million for the quarter.

AgEagle Aerial Systems Company Profile (NASDAQ:UAVS)

AgEagle Aerial Systems, Inc designs, develops, produces, distributes, and supports unmanned aerial vehicles for the precision agriculture industry. Its products include the AgEagle RX 60 and RX 40 Systems for day-to-day image acquisition for precision agriculture growers and agronomists. The company is headquartered in Neodesha, Kansas.

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