Swedish Match AB (publ) (OTCMKTS:SWMAY) Downgraded by Deutsche Bank Aktiengesellschaft

Deutsche Bank Aktiengesellschaft lowered shares of Swedish Match AB (publ) (OTCMKTS:SWMAYGet Rating) from a buy rating to a hold rating in a research report sent to investors on Wednesday, The Fly reports.

SWMAY has been the topic of a number of other research reports. UBS Group lowered their target price on Swedish Match AB (publ) from SEK 95 to SEK 92 and set a buy rating on the stock in a research note on Tuesday, March 29th. Credit Suisse Group upped their target price on Swedish Match AB (publ) from SEK 78 to SEK 88 and gave the stock an outperform rating in a research note on Tuesday, April 12th. Zacks Investment Research raised Swedish Match AB (publ) from a sell rating to a hold rating in a report on Thursday, March 17th. Finally, JPMorgan Chase & Co. raised Swedish Match AB (publ) from an underweight rating to a neutral rating in a report on Tuesday. Six equities research analysts have rated the stock with a hold rating and five have given a buy rating to the stock. According to data from MarketBeat, the company presently has a consensus rating of Hold and an average target price of $75.95.

Shares of SWMAY stock opened at $9.97 on Wednesday. Swedish Match AB has a 1-year low of $6.00 and a 1-year high of $10.35. The stock’s fifty day moving average price is $7.93 and its 200 day moving average price is $7.78. The company has a market cap of $15.75 billion, a price-to-earnings ratio of 22.66 and a beta of 0.55.

Swedish Match AB (publ) (OTCMKTS:SWMAYGet Rating) last issued its earnings results on Wednesday, February 16th. The company reported $0.11 EPS for the quarter, topping analysts’ consensus estimates of $0.10 by $0.01. Swedish Match AB (publ) had a negative return on equity of 88.71% and a net margin of 33.67%. The firm had revenue of $536.53 million for the quarter, compared to the consensus estimate of $525.03 million. Sell-side analysts predict that Swedish Match AB will post 0.43 EPS for the current year.

The business also recently declared a dividend, which will be paid on Thursday, May 19th. Stockholders of record on Friday, April 29th will be given a $0.0663 dividend. The ex-dividend date of this dividend is Thursday, April 28th. This represents a dividend yield of 0.81%. Swedish Match AB (publ)’s dividend payout ratio (DPR) is presently 15.91%.

Swedish Match AB (publ) Company Profile (Get Rating)

Swedish Match AB (publ) develops, manufactures, markets, and sells snus and moist snuff, lights, and other tobacco products in Scandinavia, the United States, and internationally. The company operates through Smokefree, Cigars, and Lights segments. It provides snus and pouch products, nicotine pouches, nicotine free products, and moist snuff under the General, Göteborgs Rapé, Kaliber, Kronan, Ettan, Grov, Catch, G.3, The Lab, Nick & Johnny, Thunder, VOLT, Swave, ZYN, G.4, Onico, Qvitt, Longhorn, and Timber Wolf brand names.

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