UBIX.Network Hits Market Capitalization of $3.03 Million (UBX)

UBIX.Network (UBX) traded 6.9% higher against the US dollar during the 24 hour period ending at 19:00 PM ET on June 23rd. UBIX.Network has a market cap of $3.03 million and $129,959.00 worth of UBIX.Network was traded on exchanges in the last day. One UBIX.Network coin can currently be purchased for $0.0001 or 0.00000000 BTC on popular cryptocurrency exchanges. In the last week, UBIX.Network has traded 7.8% lower against the US dollar.

Here is how similar cryptocurrencies have performed in the last day:

  • JUMPN (JST) traded down 54% against the dollar and now trades at $5.46 or 0.00018651 BTC.
  • Tether (USDT) traded up 0% against the dollar and now trades at $1.00 or 0.00004756 BTC.
  • CV SHOTS (CVSHOT) traded 14.2% higher against the dollar and now trades at $23.46 or 0.00111663 BTC.
  • Sweet SOL (SSOL) traded up 600.9% against the dollar and now trades at $0.0001 or 0.00000000 BTC.
  • Bitsubishi (BITSU) traded down 9.2% against the dollar and now trades at $83.31 or 0.00396497 BTC.
  • Tari World (TARI) traded up 15.7% against the dollar and now trades at $15.93 or 0.00075809 BTC.
  • Wrapped Cardano (WADA) traded 2.6% higher against the dollar and now trades at $0.48 or 0.00002273 BTC.
  • XRP (XRP) traded 2.6% higher against the dollar and now trades at $0.33 or 0.00001590 BTC.
  • Lido stETH (STETH) traded 0.6% lower against the dollar and now trades at $2,947.45 or 0.07417648 BTC.
  • Gateway Protocol (GWP) traded 3.5% lower against the dollar and now trades at $2.88 or 0.00013720 BTC.

About UBIX.Network

UBIX.Network’s total supply is 1,000,000,000 coins and its circulating supply is 45,558,153,243 coins. UBIX.Network’s official Twitter account is @UBIX_Network. UBIX.Network’s official message board is medium.com/@ubix_network. The official website for UBIX.Network is ubix.network.

According to CryptoCompare, “UBIX.Network is an open ecosystem designed to integrate decentralized applications into a cohesive whole. To solve the integration problem, the following solutions were used: 1. The original decentralized protocol UBIX ((DAG), consisting of blockchains of various types) has been developed and is used to exchange sensitive data (master data) between applications. 2. The Ubikiri super application interface built on microservices is used to exchange data between applications through the internal API. 3. A legal solution that allows users to legally determine the legal relationship arising between users and node holders. The legal framework is based on the original UBIX license designed for decentralized applications. For the development of applications, the UBIX launchpad platform is used, which is integrated into the UBIKIRI interface. A special approach called fair-ICO (fICO) is used to finance internal projects. The first internal fICO project was the internal UBIX.Exchange. For the exchange of values ​​within the platform, the native UBX cryptocurrency has been released. To regulate the money supply, monetary approaches are used with the use of public reserve and emission funds. In addition to UBX, tokens issued by various projects are used. For economic integration with external ecosystems (primarily with Ethereum), Crypto depository receipts are widely used both for UBX and for tokens issued on the platform.   Prior to their token swap – UBIX was named Silent Notary (SNTR). “

Buying and Selling UBIX.Network

It is usually not currently possible to buy alternative cryptocurrencies such as UBIX.Network directly using U.S. dollars. Investors seeking to acquire UBIX.Network should first buy Bitcoin or Ethereum using an exchange that deals in U.S. dollars such as Changelly, Coinbase or GDAX. Investors can then use their newly-acquired Bitcoin or Ethereum to buy UBIX.Network using one of the exchanges listed above.

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