McDonald’s Stops Sales of Big Mac in Venezuela

The Golden Arches are no longer offering their classic Big Mac sandwich in the South American country of Venezuela. This is just one more sign in a series, of the deepening economic crisis that is plaguing Venezuela.

McDonald’s announced it would suspend its Big Mac sales due to not being able to source one of the key components of the burger.

Arcos Dorados, the largest franchisee in the world for McDonald’s said on Thursday that it could not find a supplier for the middle bun on the Big Mac that is used to separate the two beef patties.

While McDonald’s is working with the franchisee to resolve this problem as quickly as possible, it will continue offering other menu options such as its McNifica, Quarter Pounder, Double Cheeseburger and more.

Venezuela is going through a big economic and humanitarian crisis that includes food shortages across the country.

Thousands of Venezuelans flooded the border of Colombia on Sunday immediately after the border had been reopened temporarily. That allowed the Venezuelans to buy the most basic of foodstuffs and much needed toiletries both of which have become rare commodities during the crisis.

The country is unable to pay to have certain goods imported due to the government being desperately low on cash following years of government funds being mismanaged, heavy spending on government programs that were run poorly and the lack of adequate investment in its huge oil fields.

This week it was forecasted by the International Monetary Fund that the economy of Venezuela will contract by 10% during 2016, which is worse than originally forecasted at 8%. The IMF also estimated that the country’s inflation would soar to an astronomical figure of 700% during the course of the year.

The foreign reserves of Venezuela are not just $11.8 billion announced its central bank this week. Two years ago, the country had over $20 billion in foreign resources. Venezuela had shipped gold over to Switzerland earlier this year to help pay debts.

The South American country could soon be facing economic judgment day as it owes more than $5 billion in bond payments from October to November and many experts are of the belief the chance the country will default is extremely high.

This is not the first time McDonald’s in Venezuela has had to stop selling a menu item. Last year the Golden Arches stopped selling French Fries for 11 months due to a shortage.

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