Leaders in Tech Industry to Meet With President-Elect

Many of the top prominent technology executives in the U.S. are expected to take part in a meeting on Wednesday with President-elect Donald Trump.

The hope is the meeting will help steer a complicated relationship that exists between some of the country’s top valued technology companies and the incoming White House administration.

Those expected to attend the Wednesday meeting include Apple CEO Tim Cook, Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella, Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos, Tesla CEO Elon Musk along with both the Google parent Alphabet chairman and CEO Eric Schmidt and Larry Page, said those familiar with this situation.

CEOs from Intel, IBM, Cisco Systems and Oracle are also expected to be in attendance. There is the possibility that other executives will also be invited.

The agenda for the meeting has not been released to the public. Tech businesses have become concerned over the plans Trump has for antitrust enforcement, immigration policy as well as demands by the government for user data that the companies are in possession of.

At the same time, Trump has been emphasizing how important increasing jobs are in the U.S., a subject, which could put the tech firms against the wall. Alphabet, Microsoft, Apple, Facebook and Amazon are five of the top seven valued companies in the United States, yet in general, they employ less people than to the large firms that are in other industries.

The five combined employ 600,000 people of which many work abroad. In contrast, Walmart employs over 1.5 million just in the U.S.

A heavy reliance by the tech industry on software puts a limit on the number of employees needed compared to other types of industries such as manufacturing, distribution and sales.

During his presidential campaign, Trump targeted businesses including IBM and Apple for purportedly moving jobs overseas. The President-elect said he was going to have Apple build their products in the United States.

Apple says that it has over 80,000 employees in the country and has created over two million jobs in the U.S. indirectly.

For the most part, the Obama administration has been favorable toward companies in Silicon Valley, from its policy of net-neutrality requiring providers of Internet to treat all traffic on the web equally to its approach of hands off to the increasing concentration of the power in the tech industry.

One area that Trump and the tech industry have a common interest might be tax reform.

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