Home Depot Adding 80,000 New Jobs for Spring

Home Depot has become the latest retailer in the U.S. to announce it was hiring. The home improvement retailer said it is looking to hire over 80,000 people in time for the annual spring rush.

The retailer will hire a broad range of new employees, from freight handlers to cashiers to customer service reps. To quicken the new hiring, it has condensed its application, and enables potential new employees to apply by clicking on a tablet or smartphone.

The executive vice president of human resources at Home Depot Tim Crow said the company wants all potential employees to have a convenient and easy experience with the company, whether it is for their own shopping or applying to work.

The new jobs include permanent as well as part time and seasonal. There is also a possibility that a certain number of the people hired for only spring could end up landing a position for the long term, with officials at Home Depot announcing that usually half of  its hires that are seasonal remaining on permanently.

The hiring binge at Home Depot is in sharp contrast to many other retailers that have slashed jobs as they close stores.

American Apparel announced in late January it would be eliminating 2,400 jobs. Macy’s pending and previous closures of many locations will result in over 10,000 people losing their jobs.

Each year Spring time is very busy for the different home improvement stores. Lowe’s, which is the largest competitor of Home Depot, said that it would be bringing in tens of thousands  of new hires to help with what it expects to be a big rush.

In February, Lowe’s said it would be hiring over 1,700 full time workers through October.

Walmart is also increasing its overall payroll. The largest retailer in the world said two months ago it would be creating more than 10,000 new jobs in retail during 2017 in the U.S. it also said that 24,000 more people were hired in construction due to the opening of new locations and the renovations of other existing ones.

This bodes well for certain parts of the retail industry. However, with the changing habit of shoppers today one can never be too sure of what the future holds.

Many shoppers are opting to remain at home and shop from their living rooms online to avoid crowds, but places such as Home Depot continue to thrive with have large numbers of online sales.

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