Burger King Whopper Ad Creates Big Problem

An ad for Burger King that was designed to trigger the Home smart speaker, the voice activated speaker from Google and have that device advertise their Whopper, but it is not working any longer.

On Wednesday, the ad was released and featured an actor as an employee of Burger King who asks Google what is a Whopper. The line was meant to trigger the device to give a definition of a Whopper by using it Wikipedia definition.

About three hours following the launch of the ad, the ad did not work any longer. Google’s Home only lit up when responding to the prompt on the commercial and would remain quiet.

The burger chain confirmed the ad did not trigger the device’s speaker but said that it would still air the advertisement.

Google made no comment about the ads when requests were made by media.

A person close to this situation but not given authorization to speak about it publicly said Burger King did not consult with Google prior to making its commercial.

While ads, often those related to home hubs, have triggered a voice assistant accidently, in the homes of people prior to now, this appears to be the first time an ad intentionally tried to do that.

Based upon the comments on the YouTube page for the ad, many consumers were not happy about having their electronic devices hijacked.

It could be a blessing in disguise for Burger King that its ad is not working any longer as was intended due to the ad almost backfiring immediately on the burger chain.

Once more attention was put on the ad, users of Wikipedia started to alter the first line of editorial related to the Whopper.

The edits to the pages included references to the Whopper as cancer causing and saying that cyanide was included in its ingredients.

It seems Burger King also attempted to fix the problem. The first sentence was changed to a very, good description of the Whopper, by a user with the user name of Fermachado123 which is very similar by coincidence to Fernando Machado the senior vice president at Burger King for global brand management.

Concerns over privacy related to speakers that are vice activated and a connected home have increased as more businesses introduce the products, putting more pressure on the makers of the security systems that are voiced activated as well as door locks to ensure the devices they make cannot be triggered by voices that are not authorized.

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