Microsoft Has Patched Leaked NSA Hacks

Software giant Microsoft said it already has patched the exploits on Windows released by the hacker group Shadow Brokers.

The tools used for hacking were likely from NSA and were released on Friday online. Microsoft then tested and confirmed patches which are available already for all supported Windows versions.

However, older versions of Windows Vista and Windows XP could still remain vulnerable to three of the released exploits, but it is not likely that Microsoft would supply patches for the older versions of Microsoft operating systems as they already are not supported.

The response by Microsoft comes just hours after fears that were not necessary came from a number of security researchers including one that suggested Windows users should turn their computers off for the entire weekend.

Even Edward Snowden the whistleblower of NSA released a statement about the exploits writing that the NSA did not give any warning to Microsoft about the exploits that were released. Microsoft appears as to imply itself that the NSA had not warned it over the exploits being released.

Other than a few reporters, no individual or groups have contacted Microsoft about the materials that the Shadow Brokers released said the company in a prepared statement.


However, grugq, a security researcher claims NSA might have reported some of the exploits themselves. While it is always reported by Microsoft the sources of any reports on security flaws, grugq noticed that there were no acknowledgements for last month’s patches that were issued to fix some of the exploits at NSA that had been leaked.

Quite possibly the Shadow Brokers or another organization or individual had tipped off Microsoft of the ahead of time.

However, Microsoft mysteriously had delayed its Tuesday release of the patch last February by one month in a move that is unprecedented that it blamed on an issue at the last moment.

The patch for March included fixes for the leaked exploits. Either way, if your operating system is Windows 7 or higher, then your device or devices are safe from this latest round of exploits if you applied the updates from the official Windows Updates.

If your operating system remains Window Vista or Windows XP the operating system is open to the current security flaws and might be the time to find and update to the system.

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