SyNAPSE Chip by IBM Mimics Brain

The True North computer chip by IBM is designed to think as a human brain does. The size of the chip is equal to a postage stamp yet it is able to outdo the majority of supercomputers.

IBM developed the revolutionary chip or new processor to think. The idea is it simulates the movement of millions of the brain’s neurons and can perform tasks that are complicated with only small energy output.

The chip is able to accomplish this relying on its web of many transistors patterned after the arrangement of the brain’s nerves.

The processor is designed for multi-object detection as well as classification. What his means is it is designed to be able to recognize patterns just the way a human brain is able to.

This new chip can be powered with the battery from a hearing aid. It contains more than 5.4 billion transistors, one million spiking neurons that are programmable, 4096 nuerosynpatic cores and 256 synapses that are configurable.

IBM’s previous computer chip that was brain-like, which Big Blue unveiled during 2011, had only a single cord with 256 neurons.

Lead researcher and manager of the cognitive computing group at IBM, Dharmendra Modha said the company did not build a brain. What it has done, he said, is learn more from the physiology and anatomy of the brain.

Modha likened the traditional chips to a machine that was patterned after the brain’s left side, which could be efficient and fast at performing computations in mathematic equations. He said what IBM was making was the opposite.

While the processor has been sold as a huge technological breakthrough, se insider experts remain unimpressed.

One analyst said the chip is limited in a number of ways and its performance is what it seems to be.

The analyst said the ability of the new processor to recognize pedestrians and moving cars was inadequate.

The chip took over a decade to complete.

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