Hack Attacks Focused on Businesses Have More than Doubled

Cyber-attacks in the business arena have doubled this year, with malicious campaigns and targeted attacks leading the way.

The Kaspersky Lab reported on 7 advanced and persistent cyber-attack campaigns in only the past year.

Between them, the attacks accounted for 4,400 or more corporate sector targeting cases in 55 countries across the globe, which was more than twice the amount found last year when the total was just 1,800.

Malicious campaigns and targeted attacks stood out among a huge range of security breaches, particularly in the impact it caused for both businesses and government.

In 2014, organizations in 20 or more sectors were attacked by advanced cyber attacks. Major public organizations were targeted, including diplomatic and government offices as well as more attacks on important industrial and financial segments all across the private sector, including ones focused on media organizations.

It is very likely that in a number of the cyber-attack cases, the attacks were made by state-sponsored hackers.

Other attacks were probably made up of professional cyber-crews that attack as a service, such as groups called Crouching Yeti APTs, Epic Turla, CosmicDuke and HackingTeam 2.0.

The “Regin” virus is the first of all cyber-attack platforms that is known for penetrating and monitoring GSM networks, as well as spying on other daily computer tasks.

Kaspersky’s chief expert of security stated that operations that are targeted could become a serious disaster for whoever is the victim.

It can result in sensitive information being leaked such as property that is intellectual and interrupt processes for business. It can also result in massive amounts of data being erased and corporate networks being compromised.

There are hundreds of different ways that cyber criminals or hackers are able to infect private or computer systems.

However, the common denominator of any cyber-attack is the cost that it represents to the victim. Some attacks are much worse than others are, but still cause time to be lost, websites crashing and personal data being put into the hands of tech criminals who can pass it along to other criminals.

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