Steam Sets User Record

Created by game publisher and developer Valve, Steam has its very own popular titles like Team Fortress 2 and DOTA 2.

The massive popularity of the games on Steam is one of the reasons Steam is one of the biggest distributors for PC games.

Indeed, Steam is responsible for three quarters of PC games sold online according to estimates. With these figures out there, it is somewhat obvious why so many developers use Steam to sell 3,000 games (just a little over 3,700 were on sale in September of 2014).

Plenty of users are currently logged into the website and are playing all different kinds of games. The game service has beaten its record for the amount of people three times in just a period of four days.

The record break was broken by Fluffydelusions on December 28 when the website had a total of 8,156,455 users connected at the same time. According to some screenshots taken by users, it was the companies own games: Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (349,626 users at the same time) DOTA 2 (873,114 users at the same time) and finally Team Fortress 2 (86,263 users at the same time) which were the most played.

Football Manager 2015 (69,977 users at the same time) came in No. 4 despite being released just this past November and Skyrim (57,993 users at the same time) was still a strong No. 5 although it is over 3-years old.

As for other records being broken, on Dec 29 Blue’s News stated they saw a figure of 8,357,541 users, the official page for Steam lists a little over 8.5 million users online at 11:11 a.m. January 2.

The spike in these figures was probably due to the sale that Steam had for the holidays.

Following their famous summer sale, their Exploration deals and the daily and weekly deals that are provided by the service, the sales for the holiday provided many more reasons why users should go online and check them out.

All of the various events that the company offers provide Steam an advantage to have more customer flow on their site and thus break more of their own records.

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