Snapchat Launching New Feature to Threaten Facebook

Snapchat announced this week its new feature Discover, a collaboration with big media companies such as CNN, Vice, Yahoo News, National Geographic and Comedy Central to bring users the news in Snapchat style stories.

News stories that are released through Discover come available in a number of parts, allowing for the companies to string together a story with a beginning, a middle and an end. In Snapchat typical fashion, each of the news stories will be good for 24 hours and then disappear.

The Discover feature will help the popular app to compete further with Facebook, which now has links to new stories on its own home page.

Snapchat announced the launch of Discover on a blog post taking some jabs at sites on social medial such as Facebook that determine the news that is important via clicks and shares.

Snapchat Discover is a way to explore articles from an array of editorial teams. It has resulted from the collaboration of world-class media leaders that want to build a format of storytelling that puts narrative first. It is not social media says Snapchat.

Social media sites, says Snapchat, tell the user what to read based on the most popular or most recent. However, it is seen differently at Snapchat. Editors as well as artists are used not shares and clicks, to determine what stories are most important.

Discover is not the same because it was built for creatives. Too often, artists become forced to have to accommodate the latest technologies to get their work distributed.

However, this time, Snapchat has built technology to serve art: each edition will have photos that are full screen as well as videos, layouts in long form and advertising.

Discover for use is new, but it is familiar. That is because Stories are the core, there is a beginning, a middle and an end so editors can put things in order. Each edition is refreshed every 24 hours, because news today is just history tomorrow, read a Snapchat statement.

Just tap Discover to open an edition, make a left swipe to browse or swipe up for more.

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