China Based Lenovo Victim of Cyber Attack

Lenovo the computer maker based in China was the victim of a cyber attack after the U.S. government warned about the company’s software Superfish.

The adware program Superfish, which offered tips on shopping, was shipped on some notebook devices manufactured by Lenovo.

Lizard Squad, the hacking group, claimed the responsibility for the attack on Wednesday via Twitter. This group has taken the credit for a number of other cyber attacks including one against Sony.

Lenovo said in a statement that one of the effects of the cyber attack was to redirect traffic from its site. The statement added that certain functionality to the site has been restored.

The company added that it was actively going through its network security taking the necessary steps to protect our user’s information.

Last week, the giant of computer manufacturing in China said it started offering its customers a tool that would help to remove pre-installed software after a warning by experts that the software created a security risk.

The company then added it disabled said software due to complaints by customers. In another statement released later, the company said it had been aware of the risks and was focusing on fixing them.

According to a security expert, the Lizard Squad hackers were able to hijack the DNS or Domain Name Servers, which convert a web addresses users have typed, into IP addresses the Internet uses.

That was accomplished said a cyber security expert after the hacker gained access to the domain name registrar of Lenovo, known as Webnic.

The attackers apparently exploited a Webnic vulnerability to gain discreet access to the network and then to alter the record of Lenovo’s DNS to divert traffic to where they intended it to go.

Lizard Squad on Twitter released what the group said were stolen emails from employees at Lenovo and the codes used to transfer the web domains.

Webnic’s site could not be accessed but a representative from the company acknowledged there was an outage and said it was being investigation.

On Tuesday, the hacker group claimed it carried out an attack that was similar on the Vietnamese domain of Google, which is also with Webnic.

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