John R. Edwardson – John lives in Ogden, UT and has written for a number of publications, including, Cars Direct and He’s also member of the Utah Writers Association. Email John Edwardson

Adam Dyson – Adam lives in Alpine, UT and holds degrees in journalism and business from BYU. He has experience writing for a number of news publications, including several Utah area newspapers and most recently, WKRB News. Email Adam Dyson

Scott Davis – Scott is currently a communications student at the University of Utah. He is originally from Ogden, UT and looks forward to a career in journalism in the years to come. Email Scott Davis

Jim Brewer – James is a graduate of the Argosy University and holds degrees in communication and business. He works as an investment analyst by day, but writes about a number of subject on WKRB News by night. Email Jim Brewer

Lisa Pomrenke – Lisa, the newest member of our team, is a staff writer for WKRB News. Email Lisa