Trump to Collide With California Over Undocumented Immigrants

California is becoming a battleground for policy on immigration as leaders for different factions across the state made vows to fight plans to deport undocumented immigrants by President-elect Donald Trump.

During his presidential campaign, Trump said he would build a long wall that ran along the entire border of the U.S and Mexico. He also said he would deport the people who were in the country illegally.

It is expected that he will undo the program Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, which is an initiative put into place by President Obama that protects the immigrants brought into the U.S illegally while they were still children.

California is known for having some of the most liberal policies in the nation when it pertains to handling undocumented immigrants.

The state allows them to receive a driver’s license, in-start tuition and healthcare coverage for their children.

However, California could be preparing for a head-on collision with President-elect Trump if he decides to push his hard-line policies on immigration that are backed enthusiastically by many.

A leading Democrat in California said the state needed to make a legal wall against Donald Trump’s administration.

Jose H. Gomez the Archbishop of Los Angeles led a prayer service attended by different faiths on Thursday, where he reassured undocumented immigrants that the church continues and will continue to support them.

Gomez spoke to the congregation saying that kids are now scared that immigration will come take their parents and deport them.

Mayor Eric Garcetti of Los Angeles warned the city would question decisions Trump makes on immigration. Garcetti said the minute the city sees anything from the Trump presidency that is bad for the security of the city, hostile to the city, bad for the economy, we will speak out, speak up, act out and act up.

The mayor added that police would continue enforcing Special Order 40 that bars its officers from asking the immigration status of people.

Kamala Harris, who won a U.S. Senate seat on Tuesday, held an event at CHIRLA to give support for immigrants and to criticize the plan of Trump for building the wall along the area that runs the entire border.

Of more than 742,000 people protected by the DACA in the country, close to 200,000 are living in Los Angeles County.

Agencies that deal regularly with legal immigrants and undocumented immigrants have said that twice as many people have started to call since the election to ask about their status.

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