Poll: Over 50% of Americans Trust Media over Trump

When trust becomes an issue, a newly released poll says that the majority of Americans said they put more trust in the media than in President Donald Trump.

A poll released by Quinnipiac University on Wednesday asked those participating if Trump or the media tell the truth about issues that are important.

The survey showed that 52% of those participating trusted the media and just 37% said they trusted the president more.

Amongst voters who were Democrats, 86% they were more apt to believe in the media than their own president, while 78% of those who said they were Republican voters said Trump says the truth and not the media, showed the poll’s results.

This survey comes following repeated criticism by Trump of the media, saying the fake news media was the enemy of the people of America.

Trump, who increasingly has called any news coverage that he is not in agreement with fake, has criticized polls, as earlier in February he tweeted that any negative polls were fake news, just like the ABC, NBC and CNN polls during the election.

Trump’s numerous attack against the media, as the poll suggests, have had a big effect on the U.S. public.

White voters who are college educated and those who are not college educated are divided on the level of trust with 55% of those college educated trusting the media, while 55% of the non-college educated trust Trump more.

Nonwhite voters, in a big contrast to white voters who are non-college educated, were more apt to trust media reports at 68% about issues of importance.

The assistant director of the poll said that the media, which the White House administration has demonized, was actually much more popular than the president.

Ninety percent of the voters said it was somewhat or very important that the media holds public officials accountable for their actions.

Sixty-one percent disapproved of the way that Trump speaks about the news media, while over 50% of those who voted disapprove of the coverage the media has of Trump.

The poll was conducted between February 16 and February 21 by Quinnipiac University and surveyed 1,323 people across the United States.

This difference between Trump supporters and those who do not agree with Trump is expected to continue as both sides of this issue seem not to want to back down any time soon.

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