Facebook to Have NFL Videos with Verizon Ads

Facebook has scored a huge partner in its ramping up of its online video offers: the National Football League.

On Tuesday, the NFL will start posting short videos on the huge social networking site.

The videos could include highlights from games, such as the recent catch made by Odell Beckham Jr. a wide receiver for the New York Giants that is considered one of the best of all time.

The clips will also feature NFL news as well as advice on fantasy football.

The NFL clips will be followed immediately by ads for Verizon Wireless, which is planning to promote them with news feeds on NFL fan’s news feeds on Facebook.

The NFL and Facebook will share the revenue from the ads, though financial terms were not released. Facebook is planning to bring in other ad partners in the future.

The timing of the new agreement is good for each side, with the NFL regular season coming to a close and excitement starting to build for the playoff games that are still to be played.

The partnership gives just one more sign that social media giant Facebook is becoming more aggressive as it attempts to become a major Web video player and figure ways to capture more revenue from ads.

The right to NFL films and other data is not an easy thing to secure. The NFL is known for being cautious in metering its content.

The league does not allow clips of games to run all across social media and does not have an official channel on YouTube.

The TV partners of the league, despite billion being spent to carry the different NFL games on the air, do not always have rights to stream the games on mobile handsets or tweet about all of them.

Wherever it is possible, the league is looking to build its own services in the digital sector. Its latest is NFL Now, a video product on the Web that offers NFL fans content that is in depth about their favorite teams.

This Facebook arrangement has similarities to a deal made by the NFL last year with Twitter.

That partnership includes where the league agreed to deliver shot clips of highlights accompanied by ads in the people’s feeds on Twitter.

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