Galaxy Note 7 Use Restricted on Planes by U.S.

This order comes after Feds announced an official recall of its smartphone on Thursday.

On Thursday, the U.S. Department of Transportation ordered that the Galaxy Note 7, the most recent flagship smartphone of Samsung can be only carried by passengers and crew on planes if it is switched off and not connected to any charging equipment.

This order comes following Thursday’s official recall of more than 1 million Galaxy Note 7 handsets by the United States Consumer Product Safety Commission.

The recall followed concerns about the phone’s faulty batteries that could overheat as well as explode.

People are now allowed to travel with Samsung’s Note 7 on planes only if all apps are disabled such as alarm clocks that could activate the phone accidently. They must protect the on/off switch so the phone is not inadvertently turned on or activated and put the device in a carry-on bag or with their person, not checked in with other baggage.

Anthony Foxx the Secretary of the U.S. Dept. of Transportation said the agency’s primary always goal is the safety of the public. He added that anyone choosing to travel with a device that has been recalled must take the necessary precautions to ensure it is handled safely and correctly.

The Federal Aviation Association last week released a statement that just strongly advised airline passengers not to use, turn on or charge their Galaxy Note 7’s aboard planes.

It appears the new restrictions have become tighter after the CPSC made their recall, although there are questions still to be answered about how compliance with the order will be monitored by authorities.

Many regulators as well as airlines across the globe have placed new restrictions on smartphone use on planes following reports of this model’s battery issues.

The CPSC said it received 92 reports about overheating of the batteries across the U.S., including over 2 dozen reports of burns and 55 for property damages.

Under this new remedy announced on the website of the CPSC, customers can receive full refunds for the Galaxy Note 7 phones that were sold prior to September 15 or replaced at no cost with a new different Note 7 battery, which is to be available before September 21.

Samsung also announced an exchange for its Note 7 with its Galaxy S7 or its S7 Edge handsets.

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