FBI Investigating Suspected State Sponsored Hack in FDIC during 2010

The Federal Bureau of Investigation is investigating the huge data breach at the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation or FDIC during 2010. Hackers are alleged to have obtained access to the FDIC’s internal systems during the cyberattack.

Attackers gained their access reportedly through the workstation of Sheila Bair the former chairwoman at the FDIC.

According to sources that were unnamed. Authorities are of the belief that the attackers were state-sponsored and linked to China.

The huge data breach was investigated by a special congressional committee as well.

However, it is still not clear as to how long the probe by the FBI into the breach of information remained active.

In addition it is not certain as to how the investigators were to have come up with the conclusion that the hackers were from China and military based that carried out the FDIC hack.

The FDIC is amongst three different federal agencies that regulate commercial banks in the United State and has access to the records of millions of American deposits in different banks made by individuals.

The federal agency is also responsible for the overseeing of plans that are considered classified on how the largest banks as well as financial institution would deal with bankruptcy.

A spokesperson for the FDIC did not disclose information about the previous probe by the FBI that went unreported or comment on the suspected involvement of China in leading the data breach.

However, the spokesperson did say that the FDIC had taken immediate steps to determining who the hackers were once the data breach had been discovered.

It has been reported that the FDIC was a target of a number of cyberattacks over the past few years with the agency saying a minimum of 7 incidents of major proportion had occurred in just the past 12 months.

An edited copy of the annual report of the agency revealed that the FDIC had reported as many 159 incidents where unauthorized access had taken place during just 2015.

However, many of those security breaches had allegedly involved security transgression that were employee related such as the copying of sensitive data onto different USB drives, rather that active attacks by hackers.

What remains uncertain is if the probe by the FBI into this data breach will be followed by action taken by the government against China or if the new president-elect Donald Trump will take up the matter further.

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