5 negative effects of new technologies that impact on education

Cheating in Exams


It is quite unfortunate that students have lost the old fashion culture of the harder you work the better you become. Technology has become advanced in such a way that it has become impossible to put boundaries on technology as an entity. Most students with the push of a button find themselves in trouble since they result to surfing for information on examination rooms to cheat their way out of difficult questions. This scenario has become a major problem for most institutions.



According to essay formatting  website, students find it difficult concentrating in class while constantly texting, receiving calls in the middle of lectures or classes. It is not only a distraction to the students but also the teacher since the noise from a loud ringtone is enough to distract a whole class especially if is repetitive.

Development issues on children


The beauty of life is that it is important to go through every stage as one grows just as God had planned. It is shocking in today’s society children know too much at such a young age. Social media is the culprit in this case by presenting adult themed cartoons to the public like South Park, Boondocks, etc. Who would wish their kids had such role models? This has affected most parents since their children are too “grown” for their age.

Lack of Social Skills


It is not only education taught in school but also the social entities of life to become responsible after one leaves school. Because most students primary focus is on their computers and electronic gadgets, such kind of students lack social skills while interacting with others due to the captivity of their minds by technology. This fact also brings about the issue isolation among the students due to their transformed personality.

Game mentality


Most students have the idea that the only thing that is important while working on a computer is playing games online or for fun. This behavior is very alarming that needs attention since once, an individual’s mind becomes focused on one negative element in future they will continue producing the same results not being of any benefit to the society.

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