U.S. Offers Technology to Turkey to Block ISIS at Border

The United States has accelerated its efforts to help the government of Turkey to clamp down its border with Syria, said senior officials from the U.S.

For only the first time, technology is being offered to Ankara to help the government secure its borders.

The two countries have discussed for months ways to seal the final piece of border left unsecured, a 60-mile long stretch of land that has been a thruway for fighters with the Islamic State, war materials and goods on the black market.

ISIS controls Syria’s side of the border in that area, and efforts to secure it took on new urgency after the deadly attacks in Paris in November.

Some of the attackers in Paris used or had attempted to use the border between Syria and Turkey to travel between territory held by ISIS and Europe said officials.

Joe Biden the U.S. Vice President will arrive on Thursday in Turkey and meet with Tayyip Erdogan the President as well as Ahmet Davutoglu the Prime Minister to talk about fighting ISIS.

The visit by Biden to Istanbul is only the latest in a series of high-level visits to the ally and member of NATO.

Jeh Johnson the Secretary of Homeland Security during February will be the lead in a delegation that is inter-agency, and offer the government of Turkey a menu of border-control specific technologies, the official told an international News Agency.

Aerostat balloons used for surveillance and technology for anti-tunneling are on the menu of new equipment the U.S. will offer. The U.S. is also prepared to share its methods for detecting material used in the improvised explosives, said officials.

Turkish steps to make its border more secure include deploying 25,000 more army troops as well as installing concrete fences and barriers.

However, just last month, Congress was told by Ashton Carter the Defense Secretary that Turkey has to do more to gain control of it porous border.

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