Tourists Afraid to Visit Turkey, Egypt and Tunisia

The world has become a much scarier place and a number of countries are frightening off tourists.

Travelers around the globe numbering in the millions are canceling their dream trips to place such as the pyramids in Egypt, the Hagia Sophia in Istanbul and the coast of Tunisia due to heightened concerns over terrorism.

In Egypt, the vital tourism industry is in dire straits after multiple disasters in the aviation industry and a number of years of political unrest following the Arab Spring of 2011.

Annual numbers of visitors peaked in 2010 at 14 million but last year was down to just 9 million, with a further decline expected during 2016.

An online research company said that visitor arrivals to Egypt had dropped 46% during the 2016 first quarter compared to the same three months in 2015.

In Tunisia, which is the small country that lies between Algeria and Libya, there has been a drop of close to 20% in visitor arrivals during the 2016 first quarter, following two terror attacks that targeted tourists.

Both of the deadly attacks were claimed by ISIS as theirs. The first was in March of 2015 when gun-toting assailants shot visitors at a museum in the center of the capital with over 20 people killed.

The second attack was during June of 2015 when a gunman shot and killed 28 tourists that were at a beach. The majority of the tourists were British citizens.

In most countries, it takes as many as two years for the tourism industry to recover when an attack is directly specifically at tourists.

Tunisia at one time welcomed between 6 million and 7 million visitors each year prior to the attacks. Airline capacity has been lowered by 26% for the summer.

Turkey has been amongst the most visited countries across the globe with over 40 million tourists arriving there in 2015. However, there are a number of issues that has caused the tourism industry to suffer greatly the past year, including a political dispute with Russia and terrorism.

Russia for the most part has stopped sending any tourists as a retaliatory measure after Turkey shot down a warplane plane from Russia last December.

Russia was the second largest market for the tourism industry in Turkey and Turkey stands to lose over 5 million visitors annually from the country.

There have also been multiple terrorist bombings in the capital of Ankara and Istanbul that have killed dozens, which have kept both Brits and Germans from visiting.

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