Study: Being A Female is More Expensive Than Being Male

Women pay thousands of dollars more than men over their lifetimes to purchase similar products, according to a recent study of prices between genders for goods across New York City. This has revealed widespread pricing disparities that are gender based.

The study compared close to 800 products with versions that were clearly male as well as female from over 90 brands sold in stores and online.

The Department of Consumer Affairs in New York City, which carried out this study into the pricing between genders, found that the women’s version of these products cost more than that of the men’s version.

The industries studied in this report included adult clothing, children’s clothing, personal care, healthcare products for seniors and toys and accessories.

The DCA also found that on average and in five industries, the products made for women cost 7% more than one similar for men.

Examples were 8% more for the adult clothing, 4% more for the children’s clothing, 13% for personal care, 8% more home healthcare for seniors and 7% more for toys as well as accessories.

In every product except 5 of the 35 categories that were analyzed, products for females were higher priced than for male consumers.

Across the sampling of products, the DCA also found that products for women cost approximately 42% more while the products for men cost more 18% of the time.

Over the lifetime of a woman, the financial impact for the pricing disparities that are gender based is significant, said the DCA in its report.

In 1994, the state of California studied pricing that is gender based and estimated that women paid a gender tax annually of close to $1.351 for the same services that men received.

Though there could be legitimate drivers behind some part of the price discrepancies unearthed in this study, the higher prices most of the time are unavoidable for females said the DCA.

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