WKRB News was founded in 1993 as a local media outlet. While our format has changed over the years, our mission hasn’t–to cover a wide range of business, technology, world, political and sports news. We primarily report on the latest news and events in Salt Lake City and the tri-state area (Northern Utah, Western Wyoming and Southern Idaho). We also cover stores of national and international importance.

WKRB News is are always looking for contributors. If you are interested in contributing an article to WKRB News, please send your submission to [email protected] Please follow AP style as closely as possible. We will respond within 24 hours. Any submissions will be edited and returned to you for final approval prior to being published.

Meet our team:

John R. Edwardson – Jeddiah lives in Ogden, UT and has written for a number of publications, including About.com, Cars Direct and SFGate.com. He’s also member of the Utah Writers Association. Email John Edwardson

Adam Dyson – Adam lives in Alpine, UT and holds degrees in journalism and business from BYU. He has experience writing for a number of news publications, including several Utah area newspapers and most recently, WKRB News. Email Adam Dyson

Scott Davis – Scott is currently a communications student at the University of Utah. He is originally from Ogden, UT and looks forward to a career in journalism in the years to come. Email Scott Davis

Jim Brewer – James is a graduate of the Agrosy University and holds degrees in communication and business. He works as an investment analyst by day, but writes about a number of subject on WKRB News by night. Email Jim Brewer

Lisa Pomrenke – Lisa, the newest member of our team, is a staff writer for WKRB News. Email Lisa

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